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DARKSTAR - Darkstar LP


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Original MEGA-RARE, only a few copies available, so act fast!! Brand new.

You are all aware of the British Dark Star, the U.S. Darkstarr and also the Canadian AOR band by the same name. Well, get ready to meet another DARKSTAR from Canada, that back in 1982 released their one and only masterpiece, a self-titled LP that contains majestic pompous hard rock with great production, vocal lines, keys, riffs and rhythm section. Only a few copies were made and since then the album became a well kept secret among die hard collectors and music connoisseurs.

Get ready to travel back in the early 80's when majestic music was being made.

Side A:
1. Rainbow Sunsets
2. Mind Teazer
3. I Was Made For You
4. Private Eye
5. For Yesterday
Side B:
1. On My Way
2. Dreams Can't Be Wrong
3. Time & Time Again
4. Gypsy Rover
5. Reflections


Product Details
Band Darkstar
Format LP
Year 1982
Packaging Type Vinyl
Number of Discs 1

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