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TITAN FORCE - Titan Force CD


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Do you expect us to write any comments about the definition of the perfect “10”, U.S. metal album? For many heavy metal fans this Colorado based quintet led by the three Flores brothers created an album equal to the previous singing attempt of Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin, “Ample Destruction”. Not as brutal and powerful but definitely more melodic and with more complex songwriting this album is a cult metal classic and one of the many reasons that we started this record label. Songs like “Master of Disguise”, “New Age Rebels”, “Wings of Rage”, “Fool on the Run”, “Lord Desire” etc. will never be written again! If we exclude the awful cover artwork of the original album, “Titan Force” is an LP that if you don’t have it, you cannot call yourself a power metal fan. Or should I say a heavy metal fan? This re-issue comes with liner-notes, lyrics, photos and as bonus songs, the band’s complete ’88 demo and 2 unreleased songs taken from their ’94 demo. We eternally bow to the majesty of this band!! HAIL!!

1. Chase Your Dreams
2. Master Of Disguise
3. Lord Desire
4. Toll Of Pain
5. Will-O´ The Wisp
6. Blaze Of Glory
7. Wings Of Rage
8. New Age Rebels
9. Fool On The Run
10. Chase Your Dreams (Demo '88)
11. Blaze Of Glory (Demo '88)
12. Master Of Disguise (Demo '88)
13. Fool On The Run (Demo '88)
14. Bright Red (Demo '94)
15. Wrong Side In (Demo'94)


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Band Titan Force
Format CD
Year 2006
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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