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EXORISTOI - Wrath Of Zeus CD


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Cult Metal Classics

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Greece’s biggest selling heavy metal band of all time, is back after many years to lay claim to their throne. The band led by guitar mastermind Demetrios Katis, changed their lyrics from Greek to English and with the addition of the amazing singer, Stuart Cook, the veteran bass player Harris Geroulakis, the Japanese drummer Massa Mizunumi and the Cypriot keyboard player, Vas Vasiliou, they made their style heavier than ever and they are expected to send shivers to the spine of the old school epic metal mongers as well as the younger fans. With cuts like “Tomb of Doom”, “Wrath of Zeus” and reworked versions of the epic metal classics “Exoristoi” into “Book of Sorrows” and “Doksa kai timi” into “Seven Maenads”, they will definitely cause great impact on the scene!


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Band Exoristoi
Format CD
Year 2006
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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