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SYE - Turn On The Fire CD


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SYE need no special introduction. They were formed in Toronto, Canada in the early 80's by the charismatic guitar player and singer Bernie Carlos and after releasing some demo tapes, they released their debut album in 1985 entitled "Turn on the Fire" and three years later the MAJESTIC follow up named "Wings of Change" that is definitely one of the most criminally underrated albums of all time, as it features frenzied power metal with razor sharp riffs and killer vocals.

We had the pleasure to locate the band founder, Bernie Carlos and he was kind enough to license both albums to us to release on limited edition CD, featuring a total of 10 (!) bonus songs coming from demo tapes of the band, all of them, previously unreleased.

Both CD reissues come with lyrics, photos and band story and the sound is bombastic as it was remastered at the highest quality.

If you are not familiar with this band's music, check out some of the songs on this teaser video and be prepared for a relentless sonic assault.

Limited to 500 copies.

1. You've Got The Power
2. Street Queen
3. Runnin' Scared
4. Rock 'N Roll Girls
5. Shoot To Kill
6. Turn On The Fire
7. I'm The One
8. Call Of The Wild
9. Rock Stars (Bonus Song!)
10. Fantasy (Bonus Song!)
11. Bring It Home (Bonus Song!)
12. Coffee, Tea Or Me (Bonus Song!)
13. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (Bonus Song!)


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Band Sye
Format CD
Year 2018
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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