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For those who have no copy of MADE IN France 2001, 2003 or 2008, or for those who want have something to read and discover for fun, the best of old issues, this BEST OF will be perfect complement to the main collection!

110 black and white pages / plastic color cover / glued square back.
On the menu:
The editorials of the three previous works, the texts on the “New Wave of French Metal”, it is always good to reread these writings afterwards, put back in their contexts and times.
12 pages of illustrations taken from the 2003 version and not present in 2008 (or in different forms).
From the 2008 version:
My history of French Metal in 11 pages (written in english)
The story of my "METAL EXPLOSION" Festival in 8 pages (French) + the summary that the owners of the English version, and more photos.
The story of my adventure at the SUNRISE FESTIVAL in Mulhouse in 1983 in 10 pages (French) + version summarized in English with 90% illustrations.
BLACK SHUCK or the story of my very ephemeral group (1 page) and the playlist of my show BULLDOZER “special evening for French groups” (1 page).
+ INTERVIEWS with SORTILEGE 1986 (5 pages), OXEN KILLER 1987 (3 pages) and VULCAIN 1987 (2 pages),(from US Mag or Fanzines)
+ Finally 27 pages of illustrations, album covers, Fanzines, K7 demos, advertisements.


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Band Made In France
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