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MILEDGE MUZIC - Ride Of A Lifetime CD-R


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(features Ray Frigon original founding member and drummer of LEGEND from Connecticut)

Miledge Muzic began with a jam in October of 2011. Tom Cranor wanted to try some free-form, jazzier music, found Ray Frigon on a musician's site, got together, and off they went. It was powerful from the very first session together.

They both grew up during what many consider the most adventurous time in 20th century music - the late sixties, early seventies when experimentation with sounds, genres, and jamming became legendary.

Guitar and Drums Duo Exploring Multi-genre Improvisation.

Ride of a Lifetime is the third release from Miledge Muzic, the multi-genre, instrumental duo of Tom Cranor and Ray Frigon. Sunrise. Sunset. Saturn. This one track CD contains a powerful listening experience. Moving from a sound check right into the session the music weaves a tale of a day on the gas giant: the beauty of the rocky ice rings, storms and tempest, the hexagonal pole formations with it's own "northern lights," a mystery planet bathed in thick clouds fully rotating in 10 hours. Amazing planet Saturn and a musical tribute from the perplexities and energy of the guitarist and drumist in passionate Fusion interplay.

1. Sunrise. Sunset. Saturn.


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Band Miledge Muzic
Format CD-R
Year 2017
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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