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BASTARD - Aftermath CD

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Death Metal peppered with catchy melodies attacks you like a mangy BASTARD from Hell!

For almost 10 years now Bastard walks abroad. Heavy guitars, pumping bass, thundering drums and an abysmal voice determine the sound. From thrashy, old-school to blastbeat-attacks everything is available.Textual BASTARD moves between time-critical and provocative contents.With the demo “Fetus of God”, released in 2002, and several gigs throughout Germany and Austria many fans could be gained.

1. Doomsday (Lamb Of God)
2. Entity
3. Lord Of Lies
4. Life After Death
5. Spirit Of War
6. Brain Corrosion
7. Visions Of Blood And Lust
8. 66Susi
9. Aftermath
10. Northern Lights


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Band Bastard
Format CD
Year 2009
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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