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This is the 3rd album of the legendary NWOBHM band BLITZKRIEG, that was originally released on CD in 1996, featuring some of the best songs that the band has ever written. The original version has long been out of print and nowadays sells for quite expensive. So a reissue of this great record was more than necessary given the big fan base of the band. This reissue is identical to the mega rare Japanese edition that came with two bonus tracks.

“This album originally started off life in 1991 as the “10 Years of Blitzkrieg” mini album / maxi single. It was recorded and released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the very first Blitzkrieg single. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in sufficient quantities to satisfy the growing number of Blitzkrieg fans around the world. So we have re-recorded some of the parts contained in the 5 tracks from the original release and added five new songs to make it into what it should have been in the first place, a full Blitzkrieg album. I think that it is a fitting follow-up album to “Unholy Trinity”. I hope that you enjoy it! Thank you for your continued support.”
Brian Ross 1996

Limited to 500 copies.

1. Cavo D'Oro
2. Fighting All The Way To The Top
3. Buried Alive
4. The Sentinel
5. The Power Of The King
6. Night Howl
7. I'm Not Insane
8. Court In The Act
9. Blitzkrieg '96
10. Nocturnal Vision
Bonus Tracks
11. Inferno
12. Blitzkrieg


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Band Blitzkrieg
Format CD
Year 2019
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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