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KILLEN - Killen Transparent Blue Vinyl LP

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Cult Metal Classics

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With great pride we present to you, one of the most original dark epic metal bands of all time. The mighty KILLEN from New York. Having released only a same-titled LP ('87) and the tape "Restless is the Witch" ('89) they managed to gain a cult status among fans of 80's US metal music. With immortal tracks like "Victima", "Stricken By darkness", "Birth Of A King" etc. they created a totally unique sound that can be found only in bands like CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD, PAGAN ALTAR etc.

This LP edition contains the first album of the band and the cassette EP of the band "Restless Is The Witch" as bonus, both with remixed and remastered sound from the original tape reels and enhanced fantasy artwork. For all the KILLEN freaks out there, this one's for you. The masters are back to reign!! HAIL!!!!

Comes with special 180 grammar vinyl, transparent blue coloured and a great gatefold edition, including liner notes, photos and lyrics! Limited to 150 copies!!
Side A:
1. Scream In The Night
2. Challenge Of Eternity
3. The Marauder
4. Soldiers In Steel
5. Victima
Side B:
1. Stricken By Darkness
2. Metal Meets Metal
3. Behind The Gate Of Purgatorius
4. Killeness (Blandus Interitus)
5. The Resurrection
6. Vampire
7. Birth Of A King


Product Details
Band Killen
Format LP
Year 2015
Packaging Type Gatefold LP
Number of Discs 1

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