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CRISIS - Battlefield Transparent Red Vinyl LP

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Cult Metal Classics

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One of the greatest British bands of all time that never released something officially in the 80's, were the Macclesfield based CRISIS. Back in the mid-80's, they recorded three tapes containing classic NWOBHM with epic touches. The band reunited and recorded a mini CD in 2013 containing some reworked versions of old classics but the style had changed to a more modern approach.

This LP edition contains 11 songs of the band, recorded in the 80s, most of which can be considered as timeless classics.

Comes with transparent red vinyl, including biography, photos and lyrics! Limited to 150 copies!!

Side A:
1. Battlefield
2. Spirits Of The Night
3. Suicide
4. Casablanca
5. Warriors Of Arthur
6. The Silent Roar
Side B:
1. Eyes In The Night
2. Chaser
3. Hungry Oceans
4. Can I Be The Hero
5. No One Screams


Product Details
Band Crisis
Format LP
Year 2015
Packaging Type LP
Number of Discs 1

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