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TANTRUM - Trenton City Murders CD


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TANTRUM from New Jersey, had been one of the most qualitative heavy metal bands in the history of 80's metal. They released just 4 songs on vinyl back in 1986 on their legendary EP that was released without a cover artwork, that gained them immortal status among the underground metal circuit.

Their main songwriter and guitar player John Riccio wrote some killer riffs and displayed a great variety in musicianship and along with the powerful singing of Chuck Bird, they marked their status forever in the 80's metal hall of fame along with their label mates at the time HEATHEN'S RAGE.

After spending quite some time to locate the original band members, we take pride in the announcement of this reissue, that will feature the original METAL HYMNS of the EP plus 12 Bonus Songs from the past of the band, including their very first demo with a different singer and live tracks.

All songs were remastered and they will be released on CD, featuring original fantasy artwork, band photos, interview with John Riccio and lyrics of all songs in a fat 16-page booklet. Get ready to listen to cult classics such as "Shot For Shot", "Call Of The Beast", "War Games", "Backs To The Wall", "Solid Seven" etc. Forever HAIL!!!

1. Trenton City Murders
2. Shot For Shot
3. Call Of The Beast
4. Knights Of Fire
5. Chaos On The Rise
6. In Cold Blood
7. Terminator
8. The Unseen
9. Back To The Wall
10. Pay The Price (Demo)
11. War Games (Demo)
12. Rock The World (Demo)
13. Freedom Tygress (Demo)
14. Solid Seven (Live)
15. Vigilante (Live)
16. Dine With The Devil (Live)


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Band Tantrum
Format CD
Year 2016
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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