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TYRANT - King Of Kings CD+DVD

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Blood & Iron

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Classic U.S. Power Metal band TYRANT, that were a household name on the Metal Blade label in the 80s, along with Slayer, Trouble, etc. released later on in the mid 90s a new album in a german label called King of Kings. A few years back, it was reissued on CD with live bonus tracks and on vinyl with different cover art. Now Blood & Iron releases the ultimate reissue with a bonus DVD. For the first time the cover art was done like the band originally intended. Included were 5 bonus tracks (Dio, Motorhead, Sabbath etc. cover versions) recorded in the 90s and a DVD including a TV show in a cable TV in 1990 plus two bootleg recorded shows in 1985 (opening for Slayer) and 1992. On this third album the band matures to a more Doom influenced sound where the Sabbath influence is more evident and could match perfectly with the sound of ex-labelmates Trouble.


1. Tyrant's Revelation III
2. King Of Kings
3. Fast Lane
4. Dance With The Devil
5. Ancient Fire
6. Nowhere To Run
7. When Night Falls
8. Tighten The Vice
9. Coast To Coast
10. War
11. Holy Diver (Bonus Track!)
12. Tyrant (Bonus Track!)
13. Over The Mountain (Bonus Track!)
14. Killed By Death (Bonus Track!)
15. Children Of The Grave (Bonus Track!)

1. Pasadena Cable TV Halloween Show 1990
Tyrant's Revelation III
Too Late To Pray
Valley Of The Death
Beginning Of The End
Eve Of Destruction
2. Legions Of The Dead Tour, The Country Club, Reseda CA 1985
3. Knac Nite, Orange County CA 1992


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Band Tyrant
Format CD+DVD
Year 2016
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 2

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