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STRYCHNINE - No Escape...Live Or Die! 84-87 CD


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Lost Realm

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Another Heavy Metal chapter from 80s Seattle... we proudly bring you STRYCHNINE "No Escape... Live Or Die! 84-87" CD! Formed in 1981 by the Lamberty brothers, Strychnine is another great example of how prolific the Washington Metal scene was at the time. With two demo tapes recorded, one 7" single released (nowadays, a quite rare and desirable item between record collectors) and a notable participation on the famous 'Metal Meltdown Volume 1' LP compilation, Strychnine delivers a puissant wrecking ball to any US Metal appraiser! Their early recordings, clearly influenced by Judas Priest's riffage, will definitely please enthusiasts of Ded Engine and early Overkill. With the 1987 'Plug The Plug' demo, Strychnine reached a new level in their sound, playing a more powerful style resembling early Heretic and Lääz Rockit!

Limited edition of 500 copies.

1. Pull The Plug
2. Once Before I Die
3. Time Waits
4. Death Warmed Over
5. Run For Your Live
6. No Escape
7. Live Or Die
8. Psychopath
9. Run For Your Live
10. Live Or Die
11. No Escape
12. Toxic Radio (outro)

Songs 1-4 taken from 'Pull The Plug' demo.
Song 5 taken from 'Metal Meltdown Volume 1' LP compilation.
Songs 6-7 taken from 'No Escape' 7" single.
Songs 8-12 taken from 'Demo 84'.


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Band Strychnine
Format CD
Year 2017
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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