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LONG LIVE THE PAST - The Demo Collection CD


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Collection of legendary Greek thrash and death metal bands from the 80's and early 90's. Must have!

1. Intro (Danger Cross)
2. Inner Fear (Danger Cross)
3. My Last Request (Danger Cross)
4. Art in Pain (Danger Cross)
5. Fauls Reality (Exhumation)
6. The Vanity (Exhumation)
7. The Rebirth (Exhumation)
8. Azagtoth (Exhumation)
9. Acetic Voice (Acetic Voice)
10. Behind Bars (Acetic Voice)
11. Slavery Of Freedom (Acetic Voice)
12. Gang War (Acetic Voice)
13. The Gate (Piranha)
14. Nuclear Disease (Piranha)
15. Middle East (Piranha)
16. Genetic Execution (Piranha)
17. Dangerous Toy (Piranha)
18. Beyond The Gate (Piranha)
19. Desperate Calls (Medieval Death)
20. Eternal Death (Medieval Death)
21. The Dead Are Not ... Dead (Medieval Death)
22. Moments Of Silvnce (Medieval Death)
23. Selefice (Selefice)
24. Drop Dead (Selefice)
25. Where is The Heaven ? (Selefice)

Compilation of démos of various Greek bands :

Tracks 1-1 to 1-4 are taken from the demo "The Art in Pain" (1989) of Danger Cross
Tracks 1-5 to 1-8 are taken from the demo "The Rebirth" (1990) of Exhumation
Tracks 1-9 to 1-12 are taken from the demo "Behind Bars" (1990) of Acetic Voice
Tracks 2-1 to 2-6 are taken from the demo "The Gate" (1991) of Piranha
Tracks 2-7 to 2-10 are taken from the demo "Moments of Silence" (1990) of Medieval Death
Tracks 2-11 to 2-13 are taken from the demo (1991) of Selefice


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Band Long Live The Past
Format CD
Year 2015
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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