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TYTAN - Rough Justice (Special Edition) LP


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Blood & Iron

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This is the 100 copies limited pack in tote black vinyl LP carrier bag with Tytan logo, including the DVD in a cardboard cover, cassette with BBC bonus tracks and a poster.

Side A:
1. Blind Men & Fools
2. Money For Love
3. Women On The Frontline
4. Cold Bitch
5. Ballad Of Edward Case
6. Rude Awakening

Side B:
1. The Watcher
2. Far Cry
3. Sadman
4. Forever Gone
5. Don't Play Their Way
6. Far Side Of Destiny

BBC Friday Rock Show Session - Cassete
1. Cold Bitch
2. The Watcher
3. Far Side of Destiny
4. Blind Men and Fools

Live in London 1982 - DVD
1. Intro
2. Cold Bitch
3. Ride Out The Storm
4. The Watcher
5. Rude Awakening
6. Blind Men And Fools
7. Sadman
8. Forever Gone
9. Far Side Of Destiny
10. One Way Love
11. Ballad Of Edward Case
12. Don't Play Their Way
13. Money For Love
14. Cold Bitch 2


Product Details
Band Tytan
Format LP
Year 2016
Packaging Type LP
Number of Discs 1

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