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ONYX - The Complete Recordings (Pre-Order) CD


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Cult Metal Classics

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Janne Stark, the well-known guitar player of OVERDRIVE, OVERHEAT etc and writer of the most complete encyclopedia of Swedish hard rock and heavy metal, dug deep into his bag of 80's metallic goodies and delivered to us what we thought was really tough to happen. The reissue of the legendary ONYX songs on vinyl and CD will soon come to fruition!

Who are ONYX? Formed in the early 80's and having released a mega rare single and also various demo songs, the band delivered a high quality blend of Swedish heavy metal, hard rock and NWOBHM, securing them a super status among die hard collectors and 80s metal completists.

We made an agreement with the band and we'll be releasing all their songs including many bonus unreleased tunes (11 songs in total) on remastered limited vinyl and CD, featuring band story, lyrics, cult photos and liner notes by Janne in one of the most anticipated reissues of 2018.

80's metal freaks will definitely have a feast with classics like "Karon", "Nosferato" etc in a killer edition that finally does justice to the music. Get ready for the ONYX will come to get ya!!!

Limited to 500 copies. Available for shipping on February 15th.

1. 1982
2. Karon
3. Förlorad Son
4. Tid Att Dö
5. Nosferato
6. Färjekarlen
7. Långt Bortom Bergen
8. Ristat I Sten
9. Kassandra
10. Vilsen Aktör
11. I Natt
12. Barbar
13. Vägen Hem


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Band Onyx
Format CD
Year 2018
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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