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EXILED - Ghost In The Winter CD


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It took more than ten years to see EXILED back with a new album. EXILED play typical US Metal, as it was style-defining for the genre and receive a high recall value by the voice of John Cason shooting out of the masses of faceless bands. The album offers elements of traditional heavy metal to progressive power metal and a whiff of thrash. They sound tricky here and there but put ear worms as well like the title track of the album. As special guest the album features Freddie Vidalas on rhythm guitars (Ashes of Ares/ex-Iced Earth).

For fans of: US Metal / Jag Panzer / Iced Earth / Judas Priest

1. Closing In
2. Shadows Of Death
3. The Hundred Year Famine
4. Illusion Of Light
5. Ghost In The Winter
6. In The Wake Of Terror
7. The Secret Gathering
8. The U.S. Intelligence Report


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Band Exiled
Format CD
Year 2018
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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