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VIXEN - Vixen Black Vinyl LP


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No Remorse

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No Remorse Records 2018

Release date: 30 November 2018

Early recordings of legendary guitarist Marty Friedman, mainly known from Megadeth, Cacophony and his highly acclaimed solo career. During his early years, Marty Friedman performed with bands like Deuce and Hawaii. Vixen “Made In Hawaii” is one of his best early releases and gained a cult status over the years.

The limited edition reissue includes bonus tracks and lyrics.

Side A:
1. The Young And The Reckless
2. Living In Sin
3. Escape The Night
4. Rocking Me Hard
5. Beg For Mercy
6. Give It All You Got (bonus track)

Side B:
1. House Of The Rising Sun (demo)
2. Secret Of The Stars (demo)
3. Lady Savage (demo)
4. Living In Sin (demo)
5. Angels From the Dust (demo)


Product Details
Band Vixen
Format LP
Year 2018
Packaging Type Vinyl
Number of Discs 1

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