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DAMIEN - St. Clair Tapes CD+DVD


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Lost Realm

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We know all stories must come to an end. Some stories end in a dramatic way, others turn out to be more enlightening... But the beginnings are always important and essential, because there is where we will find the wills, the hopes, the challenges, and above all, the determination to go further. The story of DAMIEN is far from over, but we can now have a more precise notion of how the beginning was. With the recordings present in the ST. CLAIR TAPES, we'll be able to join the moment DAMIEN was making the main hits, for its two future successful full-length albums.

It is with a tremendous pleasure we bring this CD+DVD release, venturing in DAMIEN's early years! 15 songs with alternative versions from both 'Every Dog Has Its Day' and 'Stop This War' full-length albums, flawlessly remastered by Bart Gabriel, plus rare live footage from DAMIEN's early years. It includes 16 page booklet with official band biography, full lyrics and rare photos! Prepare yourselves for an unmissable piece of DAMIEN's music!

CD1. Wolf Dreams
CD2. Possession
CD3. Serpents Rising
CD4. Give Me A Sign
CD5. Every Dog Has Its Day
CD6. World Affair
CD7. Season Of The Arrow
CD8. I Play For You
CD9. Race To The End
CD10. Matilda
CD11. 30 St. Clair
CD12. Stormwind
CD13. Warlord
CD14. The Priests Are Coming
CD15. Corpse Grinder
DVD1. Live at Kip's West 1989, Toledo Ohio (21 tracks!)


Product Details
Band Damien
Format CD+DVD
Year 2018
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 2

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