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DAMIEN - Angel Juice CD+DVD


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Lost Realm

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It is common knowledge how the 90's decade turned out to be the darkest time for traditional heavy metal. Although, in 1995, DAMIEN contradicts the current status and puts out its third full length album... And justice must be made: ANGEL JUICE is clearly one of the best US Metal albums of the 90's! Fronted by Scott Miller as vocalist, Rob Brug on drums, together with DAMIEN masterminds Kevin 'Killer' Kekes (bass) and Chuck Stohl (guitars), ANGEL JUICE is a real heavy metal manifesto, full of intense and intricate compositions!

Now we have the pleasure to release a special edition reissue of this DAMIEN classic! A CD+DVD deluxe edition, comprising the full ANGEL JUICE album, in a total of 12 songs, with lyrics, band photos, biography and never seen before live footage of that era! Definitely a must-have for any DAMIEN fan and US Metal appraiser!

CD1. Shadows In Darkness
CD2. Silent Rage
CD3. The Politics Of Pain
CD4. The Rite
CD5. Broken Neck
CD6. Death March
CD7. Perpetual Sleep
CD8. The Awakening
CD9. Vlad
CD10. Retribution
CD11. Turn The Key
CD12. The Legend Of Trotis
DVD1. Live at The Meat Shop, 1996


Product Details
Band Damien
Format CD+DVD
Year 2018
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 2

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