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AXEWITCH - Pray For Metal CD


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Saying that Sweden has a great tradition when it comes to heavy metal, is as obvious as saying that the sky is blue. AXEWITCH maybe weren't as known as let's say CANDLEMASS, HEAVY LOAD or EUROPE, but managed to leave great legacy, and all 4 albums they released back in the day, have these days legendary status. In 1982, shortly after doing first demo tape, the band debuted with a 4-track EP entitled "Pray For Metal". While they were not hiding the fact, that they were inspired by British acts such as JUDAS PRIEST, their very first recordings already presented their very own and unique sound.

Limited edition 500 copies, 2019 reissue.

1. Born In A Hell         
2. Heavy Revolution
3. In The End Of The World
4. Death Angel

Bonus tracks:
5. Axewitch (Demo 1982)
6. Nightmare (Demo 1982)
7. Beyond The Realms Of Death (Judas Priest Cover) (Demo 1982)
8. We Salute This Town (Demo 1986)
9. Dance To The Music (Last Flight Cover) (Demo 1986)
10. Four Wheel Drive (Bachman Turner Overdrive Cover) (Demo 1986)
11. It's A Lie (Live 1985)
12. City's On Fire / Shadows Through The Night (Live 1985)
13. Back To Reality (Live 1985)
14. Four Centuries Ago (Live 1985)
15. Back In Trouble (Live 1985)
16. Antisocial (Trust Cover) (Live 1981)


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Band Axewitch
Format CD
Year 2019
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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