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MILLENNIUM - Supply And Demand CD


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Heaven And Hell

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- Originally recorded in 1991
- Never before released
- Now on CD for the first time
- Fully re-mastered
- Full-color 12-page booklet
- Band history and vintage interview
- Complete lyrics and photos
- Limited to 500 worldwide

FOR FANS OF: Queensyche, Helloween, Fates Warning, Oliver Magnum

Formed around Raleigh, North Carolina in early 1989 by drummer Philip Brannan, guitarist Hans Brawner, who had been working together in an earlier band, left to form a new project. The two would then recruit vocalist Steve Orr. Shortly afterwards the additions of guitarist Bill Bishop and bassist Marc McHone would be added forming MILLENNIUM.

Brawner would soon after departure from the band leaving the group a four-piece.

MILLENNIUM would begin as most bands do, playing covers but this would only last about a month before deciding to write their own material, A couple of months later the band would record a 5-song demo titled ‘Wake Up Call’ that would introduce their local scene MILLENNIUM’s progressive power metal akin to bands like Fates Warning, Liege Lord and German bands such as Helloween. A number of gigs followed along with airplay on both college and commercial radio.

Released March 15, 2019.

1. Voice Of Valkyrie
2. Final Destination
3. The Burning
4. Nothing To Gain
5. Betrayed
6. Crisis
7. Supply And Demand
8. Withering World
9. Face The Mirror
10. Wake Up Call
11. Problem
12. Final Destination
13. Wounded


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Band Millennium
Format CD
Year 2019
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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