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X-CRETA - Patronizing The Heterodox CD


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Moshover proudly presents: the re-release of this fine 1986 European Thrashcore classic!

X-Creta was a Belgian band in the first wave of Crossover. The band started in 1984 and released in that year a demo of fast Hardcore-Punk in the style of Lärm, Pandemonium and Zyklome A. Shortly after they picked up Thrash Metal influences and started playing a Thrashcore that combined their influences of Siege, Negazione, C.O.C., S.O.D., Hirax, Kreator, Destruction, Possessed and Desecration.

The 1985 'We Will Thrash You' Demo already displayed these elements and puts the band in the first wave of European Crossover with bands like Negazione, Raw Power, Inferno, Onslaught, English Dogs, Anihilated and Sacrilege and actually the global wave with bands like the Accused, Wehrmacht, Excel, D.R.I. e Attitude Adjustment.
By 1986 the band was active in the Thrash Metal scene with fellow Belgian bands Cyclone, Heibel and Target, but with the lyrics still kinda Punk.
Shortly after their LP the band ceased to exist, but for over 30 years the album is an obscure underground classic for both Hardcore-fans and Metalheads.

Now finally re-released officially on CD with restored and remastered audio and a 12-page booklet with lyrics and fotos.

Limited to 500 copies, get yours now!

1. David Slays Goliath
2. Exaggerated
3. Destructive Outfit
4. The Law Of Gravitation
5. The Wild One
6. Oblivion
7. The Heterodox
8. Talks About Morality
9. X-Creta Banzai Mosh
Bonus: We Will Thrash You Demo 1985
10. We Will Thrash You
11. Talks About Morality
12. Glamour World
13. The Wild One


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Band X-Creta
Format CD
Year 2019
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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