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STRYCHNINE - No Escape...Live Or Die! Vinyl (Pre-Order) LP


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Lost Realm

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The CD edition of STRYCHNINE "No Escape... Live Or Die!" made in 2017 was a success for LOST REALM records! Now the time has come to release the much desired LP version. Over the last two years many of you have asked when it would be available... Well, the wait is finally over!

With a brand new remastering and artwork, we are proud to present the LP edition of "No Escape... Live Or Die!" from STRYCHNINE. This vinyl compilation of the band's demos will surely satisfy the followers of this cult band, as well as U.S. Metal vinyl collectors. A total of 8 songs, comprising STRYCHNINE's early achievements on the realms of Heavy Metal, together with the adventures on the speedy highways of Power Thrash!

A deluxe edition, limited to 250 copies (150 in black vinyl, 100 in white vinyl), that contains:

- A2 poster
- 4 page booklet (in A4 size) with biography, lyrics, photos and interview
- Band promo photo
- Hand numbered certificate card

Make sure you grab your copies, which you can order in 2 different versions:

a) Black vinyl (limited to 150 copies!)
b) White vinyl (limited to 100 copies!)

Release date: February 6th, 2020.

Coming soon!


Product Details
Band Strychnine
Format LP
Year 2020
Packaging Type LP
Number of Discs 1

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