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STEELE - Guillotine Nightmare Vinyl (Pre-Order) 2LP


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Lost Realm

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Description from LOST REALM records' website:

Available on CD since October 2018, and now sold out, the compilation CD of STEELE which we called 'Guillotine Nightmare - San Francisco Metal 83-85' is finally available on vinyl, in a limited deluxe edition!

STEELE is a remarkable name in the history of Heavy Metal from San Francisco. They were one of the most cherished bands by the local scene at the time, delivering pure U.S. Metal, as it was done in the early 80s. Without big budgets to support them, they managed to immortalize much of the feeling experienced in those crazy years of Heavy Metal.

This deluxe double-LP edition, limited to 250 copies will include:

- 14 songs mastered for vinyl, comprising the band’s studio recordings
- Gatefold 350g high gloss cover
- A2 poster
- Insert with band biography and song lyrics
- Old A4 newspaper review
- Band promo photo
- Hand numbered certificate card

Make sure you grab your copies, which you can order in 2 different versions:

a) Black vinyl (limited to 150 copies!)
b) Red vinyl (limited to 100 copies!)

Release date: May 22nd, 2020.

Side A:
1. Passion Screams
2. Tora Tora
3. U.S. Steele
4. Rock Will Never Surrender
Side B:
1. Burning Bridges
2. I Am The One
3. Heavy Metal
4. Guillotine Nightmare
Side C:
1. The Legend Of Satan Marie
2. Cheater
3. Bittersweet
Side D:
1. In My Life
2. Survivors Of The Future
3. Ain't The Same


Product Details
Band Steele
Format LP
Year 2020
Packaging Type LP
Number of Discs 2

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