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JONAH QUIZZ - Ultimate Anthology (Pre-Order) CD


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Cult Metal Classics

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One of the oldest Swedish metal bands originally formed back in 1979 featuring Johan Längquist on vocals who later on gained fame by singing on the debut album of Candlemass "Epicus, Doomicus, Metallicus" and the amazing drummer Anders Lindgren. The band gained a super cult status posthumously from their two demos that were recorded in 1980 and 1982 and had they kept going, they had the potential to dominate the metal scene.

After working closely with Johan and Anders, we're bringing you the "Ultimate Anthology" of Jonah Quizz featuring all the songs from their demo plus two previously unreleased tunes that were written at a later time.

Available on CD with new artwork, featuring the original band logo, photos, lyrics of all songs and an in depth interview with the band co-founder Anders Lindgren.

Be prepared for one of the most anticipated reissues of this year. HAIL!

Release date: July 10th, 2020.

1. Attack
2. Gå (Go)
3. Nattsvarta Ögon (Eyes Black As Night)
4. Hjärtlös Stad (Heartless City)
5. Förstör Inte Ditt Liv
6. Varför (Why)
7. Skyarna (The Skies)
8. Dödsängeln (The Angel Of Death)
9. Behöver Dig (Need You)
10.  Hunter
11.  On Broken Wings (Curse Of A Vampire)


Product Details
Band Jonah Quizz
Format CD
Year 2020
Packaging Type Jewel Case
Number of Discs 1

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