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GARGOYLE - The Deluxe Major Metal Edition Vinyl 2LP


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When it comes to GARGOYLE from Portland, we're talking about one of the best U.S. metal bands of all time. Their only album in 1988 is a pure masterpiece, a classic release that for many metal fans and collectors is the definition of heavy / power metal music, featuring songs that stood the test of time and are unmatched to this day.
It's been a dream come true for us to make a deal with the band and being die hard fans of their music, we vowed to offer you the ultimate GARGOYLE edition including everything a fan would crave for.

So, in collaboration with Doug Smith, bass player extraordinaire and GARGOYLE, we are in the pleasant position to offer you GARGOYLE "The Deluxe Major Metal Edition", with an entire disc of previously unreleased GARGOYLE songs, which are not just run of the mill stuff, but KILLER compositions that will destroy you. Stuff like "Crimson Red", "An eye for an eye", "Evil Hammer" etc would easily put to shame 90% of today's releases and this is really impressive given that all those songs never made it to an official GARGOYLE release.

But the surprises do not end here. The large format insert that accompanies the reissue, features an extensive band story written by Portland metal expert James R. Beach, featuring quotes by all band members and trivia that every GARGOYLE fan would love to know. Additionally, there's a great feature of the first manager of the band William Howell, who tells us about the early years of the band and he also provides us with great old photos and memorabilia. In general the booklet is loaded with previously unseen photos, courtesy of Doug Smith and Gargoyle, Loren Bates of the mighty GLACIER, William Howell and Bart Gabriel.

The sound got its proper treatment by our "partners in crime", VU Productions and all in all, what you're going to receive is most likely the most important reissue of 2020 and definitely one of the top five reissues we ever made as a record.

Make sure you grab your copies, which you can order in 3 different versions:
a) Black vinyl
b) Blue with Black Splatter vinyl (Limited to 100 copies! SOLD OUT!)
c) Blue/Black Marbled vinyl (SONIC AGE Store exclusive - limited to 100 copies! LAST COPIES!)

Comes in deluxe gatefold, with 180gr vinyl and 2 page insert.

Release date: January 8th, 2021. (UPDATE: shipping starts very soon! all preorders will be shipped until January 20th!) 

Side A:
1. Nothing Is Sacred
2. The Burning
3. Aryan Diplomacy
4. Final Victory
5. Look Homeward
Side B:
1. Out From The Shadows
2. Dark Mirror Dream
3. Blind Faith
4. Down To The Ground
5. Into The Darkness
Side C:
1. Into The Darkness
2. Crimson Red
3. The Man In Black
4. Northern Lights
5. Stanley Jack & Scatman
6. Blind Faith
Side D:
1. Lights In The Sky
2. Evil Hammer
3. All The Marbles
4. An Eye For An Eye
5. The Gamesters Of Triskelion
6. Captain Morgan’s Mutiny


Product Details
Band Gargoyle
Format LP
Year 2020
Packaging Type GATEFOLD LP
Number of Discs 2

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