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WARRIOR - Let Battle Commence Vinyl LP


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Buried By Time And Dust

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As the late seventies faded away into 1980 and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal began to bloom, scores of demo tapes and 7" singles began to hit the market. One of the first private lp's, and in our opinion of the the most unsung and underrated was Warrior's Let Battle Commence. Warrior's brand of Wishbone Ash styled twin guitar heroics and killer song arrangement has clearly gone under the radar. The band can easily be talked about in the same breath as their then contemporaries of the time Bleak House, Dark Star, Praying Mantis and Trespass. Issued in 500 copies in 1980, an original now has become $300-$400.00. Not to be confused with Warrior from Nottingham and three or for others acts with the same moniker that were making the rounds in early 80's uk circles. The lp will have the original black and white design and four page booklet with dozens of unseen photos, lyrics,flyers etc.

Make sure you grab your copies, which you can order in 2 different versions:
a) Black vinyl
b) White vinyl

Side A:
1. Let Battle Commence
2. Long Stretch, Broadmoor Blues
3. Night-Time Girl
4. Memories
Side B:
1. Yesterday's Heroes
2. Invaders
3. Ulster, Bloody Ulster
4. Warrior


Product Details
Band Warrior
Format LP
Year 2020
Packaging Type LP
Number of Discs 1

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