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CUTTY SARK - Die Tonight Vinyl LP


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Text by Golden Core:


Cutty Sark from the former German capital of Bonn was like Warlock one of the German bands at the cult label Mausoleum. After a self-produced EP (1983) they finally got the desired deal and presented their first long-player named "Die Tonight" (1984).

Local bands that had no contracts with big labels like "Noise" usually had difficulties to make it into the metal press, but not Cutty Sark. The LP received very good reviews and the band also appeared in the Metal Hammer with interviews and even a poster.

Also "Heroes" (1985) was very successful. Thus, it is a mystery why this Mausoleum highlight could not advance in their career.  After all, the band reunited in the late nineties and released their last album "Regeneration". This was also the last sign of life by the band. Since then the members are no longer findable. Unlike other genres, you do not forget about such bands in heavy metal! The two albums released on Mausoleum, especially "Die Tonight", are today regarded as important milestones of early German Metal.

Bootleg T-shirts and frequent sharing of Youtube videos in social media make it clear: Cutty Sark are cult!

And when the craziest US fan and singer "King Fowley" and his band Doomstone cover the title track "Die Tonight" and wear Cutty Sark shirts on stage, it underlines the cult status of Germans all the more.

Of course, he was honored to contribute a few words for the booklet on the occasion of this reissue of the two albums. It also contains a short history, photos and memorablia. Both LPs were remastered by Neudi (Manilla Road).

Side A:
1. Stupid Lies
2. Die Tonight
3. Vultures In The Air
4. Jam To The Ramp
Side B:
1. Hands Up
2. October Holidays
3. Down And Out
4. Burning To Ashes
5. Firebird


Product Details
Band Cutty Sark
Format LP
Year 2020
Packaging Type Vinyl
Number of Discs 1

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