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SERVANTS TO THE TIDE - Servants To The Tide (Black Vinyl) LP


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Epic Doom Metal recommended for fans of ATLANTEAN KODEX, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, SOLSTICE and CANDLEMASS.

SERVANTS TO THE TIDE from Germany, were formed by Leonid Rubinstein (ex-CRAVING) paying homage to his personal Doom Metal heroes such as ATLANTEAN KODEX and WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, and also expressing his personal vision of Epic Doom Metal - melancholic, dramatic, melodic. Stephan Wehrbein (SCREAMING SOULS) was found as the perfect voice to bring this vision to life, and when it came to recording, Lucas Freise (EYES WIDE OPEN) added his drums to the mixture.

Release date: March 2021.

Side A:
1. Departing From Miklagard
2. A Wayward Son’s Return
3. North Sea
Side B:
1. On Marsh And Bones (The Face Of Black Palmyra)
2. Your Sun Will Never Shine For Me
3. A Servant To The Tide


Product Details
Band Servants To The Tide
Format LP
Year 2021
Packaging Type Vinyl
Number of Discs 1

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