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PHAETHON ‎- Sacrifice Doth Call (Black Vinyl) MLP


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Gates Of Hell

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Text by Phaëthon's website:

Phaëthon was founded in 2020 with the distinct goal of delivering ripping old school heavy metal of the epic persuasion.
Despite forming only recently, the demo EP Sacrifice Doth Call is the result of nearly five years of work.

Lyrically Phaëthon dive into myriad tales of mythology and the madness they provoke. The EP explores Mayan human sacrifice, Christian hangings, as well as the fall of Phaëthon.

Influences Manilla Road, Bathory, Pagan Altar, Cirith Ungol, Candlemass, Sortilège, Satan (UK), olden Manowar, Pentragam, and of course your Priests and Maidens.

Side A:
1. Sacrifice Doth Call
2. Suncrater
3. Bless Us, O Ra

Side B:
1. To The Gallows
2. The Final Beholder


Product Details
Band Phaethon
Format MLP
Year 2021
Packaging Type Vinyl
Number of Discs 1

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