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About Us ::Cult Metal Classics - Sonic Age
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About Us


In May of 2001 two heavy metal fans, Manos Koufakis and Chris Papadatos decided to create a record label named CULT METAL CLASSICS for their favourite music. The start wasn’t easy at all. You see most of their favourite bands didn’t  even exist. But they managed to gain licences from some very good bands of the 80’s and they released their rare works. The first one was from the American band VALHALLA, "Return of the Mystic Warrior", featuring the very important singer David Fefolt (ex-HAWK, MASI). The response was terrific and with a high moral they continued the excellent work with ELIXIR ("The Son of Odin"), VILLAIN ("Only time will tell"- one of the bands of the legendary singer Carl Albert), BLACK KNIGHT ("Master of disaster"). The budget became bigger and bigger, so they decided to try out releasing some new albums of contemporary bands. CULT METAL CLASSICS wasn’t anymore a label only for re-issues. The Greek power metal warriors ELWING were the first band to follow this direction. But the big surprise was the comeback, after many years of silence, of the great American guitar player Jack Starr (founder of VIRGIN STEELE, PHANTOM LORD, BURNING STARR), with an all-star band that consisted of Shmoulik Avigal (ex-RODS, PICTURE, HORIZON), Ned Meloni (ex – Joe Lynn Turner ) and Joe Hasselvander (ex-PENTAGRAM, RAVEN). The result was “Under a savage sky” CD, which was well-promoted through most major metal magazines of Europe and Japan. Following the Jack Starr’s success was the vinyl edition of the new WARLORD album “Rising out of the ashes” and BLOODSTAINED’s masterpiece “Greetings from hell”!!! CULT METAL CLASSICS succeeded in building up a strong name in the cult metal field. Until 2004 the label released 14 old, rare and new albums….

  1. VALHALLA "Return of the Mystic Warrior" CD (CultMetal 001)
  2. ELIXIR "The Son of Odin" CD (CultMetal 002)
  3. NEMESIS "Lost Humanity" LP (CultMetal 003)
  4. HANKER "In our world" LP (CultMetal 004)
  5. HANKER "Snakes and ladders" LP (CultMetal 005)
  6. VILLAIN "Only time will tell" LP (CultMetal 006)
  7. BLACK KNIGHT "Master of disaster" LP / CD (CultMetal 007-008)
  8. LUST "We'll never die" LP (CultMetal 009)
  9. ELWING "Immortal stories" CD (CultMetal 010)
  10. WARLORD "Rising out of the ashes" LP (CultMetal 011)
  11. JACK STARR'S GUARDIANS OF THE FLAME "Under a savage sky" CD (CultMetal 012)
  12. ATTIKA "Attika" LP / CD (CultMetal 013-014)
  13. BLOODSTAINED "Greetings from hell" CD (CultMetal 015)
  14. ELIXIR "The idol" LP (CultMetal 016)


…In 2004 Chris Papadatos left CULT METAL CLASSICS, to dedicate to his own record label and store. Manos Koufakis teamed up with his high school friend Kostas Organopoulos and SONIC AGE RECORDS & STORE were born. SONIC AGE was the "new releases" branch of the company, while CULT METAL CLASSICS remained focused on discovering legendary 80s bands with obscure and rare releases on vinyl and CD and re-issuing their material with bonus tracks. At the same time, one of the first Greek heavy metal stores was initiated, named after the record label. SONIC AGE STORE up to this day, is one of the best online shops for underground, obscure, rare andmore known releases from all over the world. Our selection of metal covers almost all styles, from hard rock to black metal, but our hit section is heavy, epic, power, speed and thrash metal releases. With a calalog of nearly 5000 different items, it's almost certain that any die hard metalhead will find what they're looking for at unbeatable prices, in any format, be it single, LP, CD, DVD or selected clothing.


SONIC AGE STORE aims to become the greatest source for true heavy metal in the world. We try to stock almost every worthy metal release available, so if you are member of an underground band, don't hesitate to contact us and have your releases distributed through us. Also, if you're a metalhead and you're aware of a band or artist that we currently don't have in our stock, feel free to get in touch with us and let us know.

For the time being, SONIC AGE RECORDS is put on hold, but CULT METAL CLASSICS is still in search for great 80s and 90s bands to re-release on vinyl and CD. So if you had a band that never got their album re-issued, don't forget to contact us.